Selecting a Software Vendor by an Outsourced Medical Billing Service Company

Healthcare Billing & RCM is a fundamental requirement for successful healthcare practice. When it’s come to an ideal billing solution for billing service company and a healthcare practice, it’s completely different. In addition to a comprehensive billing software, a billing company needs a good support from software vendor so that their increasing features requirement as they grow are being attended. So, billing service companies should keep such aspects in mind when selecting a solution and need to know how the software vendor help them to grow their business.

NEMSIS made EMS & Ambulance Billing Easier

EMS & Ambulance Agencies are now seamlessly transferring data they collected for medical transportation through a standard format called NEMSIS which is supported by most of the ePCR Solutions. EMS & Ambulance Billing can be streamlined using NEMSIS where some billing software can convert NEMSIS data to a standard claim data needed by payer for reimbursement.

Pros and Cons of In-House and Outsourced Medical Billing

A primary question faced by almost all practices is should they outsource their medical billing or keep it in-house. The right answer to this predicament will differ from practice to practice, and it will be established on several factors, including finance, size of the workplace, knowledge and age of the business. Therefore, to come to the right decision it is required to assess your practice’s finance, volume metrics and staffing.

6 Best Practices for Revenue Cycle Management Success

Health care reform, bad debt, and regulatory changes are all having an impact on the revenue cycle, as the health care industry is evolving at a breakneck speed. To overcome these challenges, we have to adapt strategies for a revenue optimization program that can offer a confirmed method to maximize revenue and implement practices that boost profits.