Annual Amount Cap Feature Added To expEDIum Medical Billing.

Annual Amount Cap

iTech has added a new feature recently called “Annual Amount Cap” mainly for Public Health clinics in expEDIum medical billing. In the Annual Amount Cap feature, the amount can be collected from the patients for certain SFSs (sliding fee schedule) program and it will be deducted from the precalculated annual cap balance based on their annual income.

This feature would be helpful for public health clinics to track and alert users on the annual cap balance for a patient, each time a patient payment transaction is added to the patient ledger.

Once the feature is made available for clinics, the users can:

  • Create Annual Amount Caps.
  • View or Edit Annual Amount Cap details.
  • Print Annual Amount Cap Trail.
  • Add transaction under Annual Amount Cap.
  • Keep track of all transactions and Annual Amount Cap Balance.

This new feature will enable the clinics to keep track of Annual Amount Cap Balance easily and once a patient has hit the Annual Cap the Clinics will be alerted, and then they will be able to write off the patient balances for those programs on the claim ledger for that patient until the year is over.

We have always kept up with the industry standards and customers’ demands and implement new features in every release of our software and solving the customer’s problem and adhering to their demands has always been our top-notch priority.