iTech Adds PPA (Patient Payment Agreement) On expEDIum

Medical treatments are expensive, many patients cannot afford to pay their medical bills at one shot, which makes it harder for providers to continue to give their medical services to patients. iTech has added a feature called “Patient Payment Agreements” (PPA) in its Medical Billing Software. It is a simple agreement where the patient agrees to pay a certain amount over a period until completely paid. This feature is available for clinics where we have an agreement template inbuilt for each clinic.

The PPA feature access is available to the operators/users under a practice account based on the privileges configured by the administrator.

Once the feature is enabled for the clients the user can create agreements, manage the documents, and manage transactions against the PPA in the ledger.

This feature will help providers, clinics, hospitals to collect more co-pay efficiently. In addition, it will make it easy for the patient to pay their expensive medical bill by dividing it into a monthly payment.

iTech has always ensured that customer problems are solved and serving clients is our priority. Currently, iTech is working toward enabling online payments to make this feature even more seamless by adding automatic credit card charges with this feature. Stay tuned for more from iTech.