iTech has introduced a new feature called the expEDIum Direct Pay

To do seamless online payments from Patient Ledger. The “expEDIum Pay” is a PCI-DSS certified standalone payment service application to route the online payment transactions for patients registered under a clinic/hospital in expEDIum Medical Billing through the chosen payment gateway. We use a Payment gateway from InstaMed. Clinics can initiate an online transaction through the patient ledger in expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB)

The expEDIum Pay application will act as an intermediary between expEDIum Medical Billing and InstaMed payment gateway.

Some Key aspects of expEDIum Direct Pay –

  • Access to an online payment gateway seamlessly.
  • Friendly Patient Ledger UI.
  • Processes / accepts all types of credit cards.
  • Can save one or multiple card details if need be.
  • Real-time payment taking only a handful of seconds.
  • Processes multiple payments through a single credit card transaction.
  • Generate a single receipt for multiple transactions.

 The picture below depicts the expEDIum Direct Pay data flow.