Our seamless Claim Status Inquiry Feature makes your time-consuming job easier.

For a biller to handle aged/denied claims, they must know the status of the claims. Making calls to the Payers can be time-consuming and costly for the clinics. So, iTech has introduced a “Seamless Claim Status Inquiry” feature in its expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) product to make seamless inquiries from the original claims submitted through eMB. The inquiries can be driven from the aging claims, originally sent from eMB, perform the inquiries and all the responses are received in real-time, reconciled with the original claims and results presented in a readable fashion. The inquiries can be performed one at a time or in “bulk” for a given payer or for a given set of aging claims across multiple payers.

 Key aspects are:

  • Can make claim status inquiries one at a time or in bulk. Both are performed in real-time.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of billers with respect to ageing and denied claims.
  • Have fewer manual and administrative tasks.
  • Decrease duplicate claim submissions.
  • Increase on-time revenue flow.
  • Have color-coded inquiry responses for a better understanding of the denials.

 We currently use Exchange EDI/Transunion as our preferred clearinghouse for performing claim status inquiries and using this feature would incur transactional charges on inquiries performed.

The below diagram makes it visually easier for you to understand the CSI feature.