Make your billing work easier with our Super Bill (ESB)

Medical billers mainly receive the superbill scan & patient demographic data as separate silos, and they “assemble” all data into a claim. As the process is time-consuming for billers, iTech has introduced an Electronic Super Bill in expEDIum.

The ESB is customizable for each clinic and it carries basic patient information, provider information, and encounter details of a patient. Making it simpler the patient and the clinic information need not be added as it is available in the superbill.

Users can –

  1. Create an ESB manually from Patient Demographics or Appointment Scheduler Agenda.
  2. Can print ESB on paper and even generate claims out of ESB’s.
  3. The history of ESB’s for a given patient can be tracked.

Our Super Bill makes charge entry much easier, submitting the claim form becomes twice smoother, chances of fewer error claims, and easy process for the billers.

 Features that make ESB a super lifesaver –

  1. Edit and save ESB multiple times.
  2. Mark the ESB as Completed or Approved once it is ready to be submitted for claim creation.
  3. Can view ESB from the Patient List screen, where you will be able to see the history/trail of all superbills created.

Still not convinced…how about a demo? Or visit our website for more insight!