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expEDIum, a leading Healthcare IT Solutions Company, redefines healthcare management with cost-effective solution. As a leading PMS vendor specializing in public health clinics, we've established a strong presence across majority of the states in the United States. Our mission focuses on delivering standards-based, cost-effective healthcare solutions, prioritizing customer service, employee engagement, and work/life balance.

Explore our flagship products & services – expEDIum Medical Billing, expEDIum Office EHR, expEDIum InstaPay, and expEDIum Revenue Cycle Management Services. Join our network of partners and clients, including EMS agencies, IPAs, TPAs, ACOs, MSOs, ASCs, Healthcare Consultants, Resellers, Billing Service Bureaus, Hospitals, Clinics, and more. Together, let's shape the future of healthcare solutions.

Statistics from 12 trailing months

Total Claims
1.6 M+

Total Claims

$275 M+

Total Claim Charges

7.4 M+


820 K+

Insurance Eligibility Verification

11000 +

Number of Users

3000 +

Number of Providers


Frequently Asked Questions

We use secure HIPAA-compliant cloud servers from cloud platform providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. All servers are in the Mainland United States.

Our customer support is provided through email assistance via, MS Teams chats, remote meetings, and phone support through toll-free expEDIum Help Desk # at 1.888.910.3763. We do have an online Sales chat, but we are also working on the Support Chat option.

Having processed millions of electronic claims, both CMS-1500 and UN-04, over a decade for 1000s of providers through our products, we have a robust suite of secure products and provide excellent support for affordable pricing. In addition, we can be your single-stop vendor providing EHR, PMS, Medical Billing software, and RCM services for a single fee.