Maximize Reimbursement in Your Gastroenterology Practice with expEDIum

Maximize Reimbursement in Your Gastroenterology Practice with expEDIum

The ever-changing landscape of gastroenterology billing in 2024 presents a challenge: minimizing revenue leakage and maximizing reimbursement. Complex coding requirements, evolving insurance procedures, and varied billing needs demand a strategic approach.

That’s where expEDIum comes in. We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure the efficiency, compliance, and financial health of your gastroenterology practice. Here’s why outsourcing your billing to expEDIum is the smart choice:

Gastroenterology Billing: A Complex Mix

Gastroenterology encompasses a wide range of procedures, including diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies used to examine and treat the digestive system. Common ones include:

  • CPT Code (45378) – Colonoscopy, flexible, proximal to splenic flexure
  • CPT code (43260) – Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

Challenges to Reimbursement

Several factors can hinder gastroenterology billing and reimbursement:

  • Coding Complexity:

Assigning the right codes, ensuring proper documentation, and proving medical necessity are crucial for successful claims. Inadequate proof can lead to denials for diagnostics, medications, and procedures. expEDIum stays updated on Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) to ensure your claims meet all requirements.

  • Outdated Medical Records:

Incomplete or outdated insurance information can significantly impact billing. expEDIum’s team verifies insurance details before services are rendered, saving you time and money.

  • Pre-Certification Requirements:

Many gastrointestinal procedures require pre-authorization from insurance companies, adding an administrative hurdle. expEDIum’s experienced staff handles pre-certification requests efficiently, minimizing delays and denials.

  • Regulatory Changes:

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, with updates to coding guidelines, reimbursement policies, and documentation requirements. expEDIum keeps you compliant and informed, maximizing reimbursement and avoiding penalties.

Strategies for Success

expEDIum employs a multi-pronged approach to maximize your gastroenterology billing success:

  1. Precise Coding and Recordkeeping:

Our team ensures accurate coding for all procedures and meticulous documentation of patient visits. We provide regular training to keep your staff up-to-date on coding standards.

  1. On-Time Claim Submission:

We prioritize timely claim filing to minimize delays in reimbursement. expEDIum utilizes automation and streamlined processes to ensure claims are submitted quickly and accurately.

  1. Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management:

expEDIum manages the entire revenue cycle, verifying patient insurance eligibility, accurately recording charges, and following up on outstanding claims. To learn more, check out the RCM White Paper published for the gastroenterologists.

  1. Technology-Driven Solutions:

We leverage technology to streamline billing. Our solutions can integrate seamlessly with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enhancing productivity and reducing errors.

  1. Financial Transparency and Patient Education:

expEDIum prioritizes clear communication with patients regarding insurance coverage and financial obligations. We offer patient education resources to help them understand their medical bills and payment options.

  1. Effective Denial Management:

Our team has a proven track record in identifying and resolving claim denials quickly. We analyze denial patterns, challenge denials appropriately, and implement corrective actions to prevent future issues.

  1. Payer Contract Optimization:

expEDIum regularly reviews and negotiates payer contracts to secure the best possible reimbursement rates. We explore value-based contracting options to further optimize your financial health.


In today’s complex healthcare environment, partnering with expEDIum provides the strategic coding compliance and in-depth payer rule knowledge you need to maximize reimbursement in gastroenterology.

Take the initial step towards a thriving practice. Contact expEDIum today to explore our comprehensive solutions and elevate your financial performance!

Let’s discuss your specific needs. Call us at +1 (786) 646 – 0099.


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