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We have delivered a suite of secure, robust, cost-effective, simple-to-use HIPAA-compliant products for electronic claims processing with seamless connectivity to payers and clearinghouses for over a decade. We have CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim forms and data sets in a single product.

Our expEDIum product suite delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) compared to a handful of other equivalent products. We serve 100s of clinics, hospitals, and 1000s of providers in various specialties across the United States. Check out our case studies here.

We have been providing excellent customer service, including a toll-free number for expEDIum Help Desk. Check out our customer testimonials here and check out our product listing here

We have strong engineering and back-end support teams based out of Bangalore, India, with a few United States-based partners & resellers providing (the last mile) customer support, thus delivering optimal value to the customers.

Annual Outing

Our Story

  • 5th

    expEDIum Office EHR

    We are creating an Office EHR product based on the merit and aggregated healthcare domain knowledge from the previous generation of our products. Though the architecture would support multiple specialties, expEDIUM Office EHR v1.0 would support gastroenterologists/ASCs off the shelf.

    This would be a “headless EHR” with state-of-the-art multi-tier architecture and a scalable technology stack. This product shall be integrated seamlessly with Pharmacies, Laboratory, and other EHR interfaces and also with our PMS/RCM product - expEDIum Medical Billing, thus providing end-to-end support from Patient Encounters, Patient Charts all the way till electronic submission of claims and reimbursements. We expect this to maximize revenue collections for the GI/ASC clinics.

  • 4th
    expEDIum Medical Billing

    Based on our knowledge of the US Healthcare industry, client roster, and the merit of the above products, we built our flagship product, a robust PMS Medical Billing product, along with APIs for any EHR integration.

    This product is specialty agnostic, supporting multiple specialties, and we had integrated with a handful of EHRs and e-PCRs for providing a robust EHR + PMS/Medical Billing solution to server-specific specialties such as Behavioural Public Health Clinics, GI/ASC, Ambulance/EMS, Podiatry, etc.

    We have 100s of clinics using the integrated solution or using it as a standalone, processing several millions of claims and HIPAA X12N transactions to date through this product.

  • 3rd
    expEDIum Claims Portal

    We built a secure, cloud-based claim processing and reimbursement product called the expEDIum Claims Portal with seamless, built-in “direct payer” connectivity to one or more clearinghouses and MCOs. This solution incorporated the previous expEDIum building blocks that we had built.

    We had a few small clearinghouses that used this product to process and submit millions of claims electronically to 100s of payers. These claims were from across several specialties. This product was built using Java Technologies and PostgreSQL RDBMS. A customized solution derived from this product was also used for Claim Adjudication by a small OB/GYN TPA.

  • 2nd
    expEDIum Claim Scrubber

    We built a form-based product called the expEDIum Claim Scrubber in three flavors. CMS-1500, UB-04, and ADA (Dental). As there was not enough market for the dental product, we discontinued it after a period.

    However, we found several clients for the CMS-150 and UB-04 flavors. These products were built using Java client-server technologies with MySQL RDBMS and standalone desktop products without clearinghouse connectivity. These products have been deprecated since .

  • 1st
    expEDIum X12N Engine and expEDIum X12N Adapters

    The idea of building a revenue cycle management, claims processing, and medical billing solution started out small, with expEDIum building an “in-memory” high-performing X12N EDI Translator called the expEDIum X12N Engine supporting the parsing and building of all 11 HIPAA transaction sets.

    This product was positioned as a “HIPAA Accelerator,” and we had approached over 50 India-based IT services companies, among other prospects. We also built over 10 Transformation Adapters to convert data from early legacy formats such as NSF v3.01, NSF v3.2 (Dental), NSF ERA, HCFA Print Image, etc.

    These adapters converted legacy data to standard HIPAA X12N format files. One of these adapters was customized and implemented as a seamless component in their SOA architecture for one major client.

    They were called the expEDIum X12N Adapters, and we sold several of these adapters as our clients, including a dental clearinghouse, were using various legacy PMS/Medical Billing products that were not HIPAA compliant and X12N ready.