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Elevate your healthcare practice with our
expEDIum Medical Billing Software

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Insurance Eligibility Verification
11000 +
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The expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) is a comprehensive, secure Web-based Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Solution that allows medical billing companies and healthcare providers to manage the practice effectively and automate complete Medical Billing and Claims Processing workflow. This Medical Billing Software is HIPAA Compliant and supports both CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims in electronic and paper. This solution is ready for ICD-10 codes and meets every standard-based change in the industry without any additional cost to clients.

This SaaS-based application is an optimal billing solution for Healthcare Practices, Hospitals, Independent Physician Associations (IPA), Management Service Organizations (MSO), Billing Services Bureaus, Telehealth/Telemedicine and EMS/Ambulance Agencies to connect one or more Payers or Clearinghouses directly to submit electronic claims, perform seamless eligibility verification, reconcile all payer reports & ERAs, make claim life cycle more transparent, predictable and to control the process effectively.

This intelligent and complete solution makes users more efficient in managing practices, makes it easy to handle the whole billing process, reduces cost, reduces denials and rejections, and increases payment collections. This solution is available at an affordable monthly subscription model. An integration module is available for this product to be seamlessly integrated with any EHR/EMR/Clinical Applications.

You can request a live demo of the software by  clicking here.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification
Real-time and batch verification for seamless eligibility checks, ensuring accurate patient insurance details.
Electronic Super Bill (ESB)
Experience precision in billing with ESB integration, effortlessly syncing with EHR or generating detailed super bills electronically.
High Secondary Claims Visibility
Effortlessly monitor and manage secondary claims, ensuring a thorough overview for effective resolution and streamlined billing processes.
Patient Ledger
Seamlessly track patient financial transactions with our intuitive expEDIum Patient Ledger.
expEDIum Direct Pay
Elevate your payment processing experience with our PCI-DSS certified, secure expEDIum Direct Pay.

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Claims Rejection and Denials
Leverage our software to efficiently handle claims rejections and denials, promptly identifying & resolving issues to streamline billing and enhance revenue cycles.
Claims Status Inquiry
Stay informed with transparent and timely updates on submitted claims, ensuring efficient medical billing.

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Explore detailed analytics and insights with our robust report module featuring over 100 types, covering various aspects such as Ageing and Cash Posting.
EHR Integration Solution
Our software can seamlessly integrate with existing EMR/EHR solutions, providing a complete EHR+PMS+Billing solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, expEDIum Medical Billing is a Secure, Cloud-based software.

Our company adheres to HIPAA regulations and ensures compliance. We establish a business associate agreement with our clients, partners, and vendors.

We support all the specialties except for dental. We also support CMS-1500, UB04 forms, and related inpatient and outpatient claims. We have specific features catering to Ambulance/EMS agencies and Public Health Clinics.

For further information, reach out to one of our experienced team members.

We would be happy to help!