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Balwinder Bains
General Manager,LTMG.

Over all expEDIum is easy to use, with lot of potentials, IT customer service is great with responding back with our question and concerns. We are very unique billing company with different specialties billing with close to 30 providers, expEDIum has done so much to meet our need. Love Working with all team members. Looking forward with all the system upgrade they have for future to meet our needs.

Shirlene Loera
Billing Specialist,LTMG.

The more that you use expEDium the easier it becomes and you get more understanding how it works. The one thing I don’t care for is to look at multiple windows for just 1 account. On a side note any question or concerns that we have are taken into consideration and are be addressed, overall easy to use once you know the system.

Kim Wright
Billing Specialist,LTMG.

expEDium medical billing has a lot of potential, since we have been working with them they have evolved to meet a lot of our needs. Being able to attach the original EOB to send out to secondaries is very time saving. The software people have been prompt about requests for adds into the system. Some of the issues with posting have been addressed and we are working with them to make the system for us more user friendly. I look forward to how this system will continue to evolve to meet our needs.

Anne/Dr. Fritz
Thoracic and General Surgery.

expEDIum Medical Billing Software has been the easiest and efficient software for our small practice. The customer service representatives have been amazing and knowledgeable. After reviewing many other billing software, expEDIum has been the best that I have encounter. Would recommend this software to any small practice that is in need of a simple and inexpensive billing program.

Dennis Fruin
General Manager, Columbia Pharmacy Inc.

We have been using the expEDIum Medical Billing Software for over one year and are very pleased with the product. In event of input error, the software "points" us to the problem area for easy correction. The ability to print hardcopy HCFA 1500s for billings that need to be mailed is an additional plus

Jessica Scudder
West Texas Ambulance Service- Alpine EMS.

I have been using expEDIum Medical Billing software for a few months now and it has been wonderful. I will always say first and foremost the people at the company are amazing! Every question or hiccup I've had they have been quick to respond and help me.

The program itself couldn't be easier and is simple, clean and to the point. I appreciated it could be customized to our needs in EMS, making it that much better. This is by far the best company I came across as far as customer service. Combine the customer service with a great program at good cost and you have a winning product. I highly recommend it not just for the software but for the people along the way!!

Rakesh Srivastava
Cardiologist , SHOOLIN, LLC.
iTech is very user friendly. It is very easy to generate and manage patient statements, to create reports for the practice. Their customer support is also superior. I would highly recommend iTech to other physicians and practices.
Billijean S. Hobson
President, Max Revenue Corp

As a Medical Biller for over 40 years, it is very rare to find the quality of service and teamwork shown by iTech. We have been with iTech, utilizing the expEDIum billing programs, for 10 years; iTech taught us how to move our company into the 21st Century.Most impressive staff trait: dealing with all levels of staff from entry level to the most difficult and least patient of staff members.

Most impressive program trait:simplicity with a strong ability to adapt, Most impressive support: overnight response to issues, suggestions or adaptation needs. Overall, a company exceeding expectations; continues to develop and grow with industry needs; and a desire to do what is needed to help you, their client, succeed. It would be my pleasure to speak with anyone about the program expEDIum and the people of iTech.

Mike Chouffani
Co-Founder of a North Carolina based Healthcare Information Technology Company

I consider iTech to be a valuable partner for us. I attribute that value to several key factors: First, they have invested a considerable amount of time understanding my business goals. That business knowledge and understanding are tied to the quality of service they have delivered.

I believe that a large part of their success is due to focus on project schedules and deliverables. The other key factor is timeliness to deliver quickly and the ability to respond quickly to system issues. As I have stated many times in the past, I would and do strongly recommend iTech as a software provider and business partner.

Lanny Menendez
President of a Florida based Billing Service Bureau

The level of service that iTech provided, I believe, is unsurpassed. In the years of doing business with National vendors, I have never had such a pleasant working relationship, as I have had with iTech Workshop...They have not only offered a solution to my original HIPAA issue, they have done it with the best Customer support I have seen in all my years. It truly has been a pleasure working with iTech and I look forward to continuing a working relationship with them

Anwer Siddiqi
CEO/Founder, WEBeDoctor, PMS Vendor from South California

Your team's responsiveness is what I appreciate the most. Everyone we have worked with or met so far has been extraordinarily professional, patient and knowledgeable.

Connie Rivera
I.T Manager of South California based Hospital

I have been working with iTech since all of the conversions of HIPAA came into effect. I am very pleased with the friendly service I receive from the support staff.

They are very attentive and address my problems and concerns timely and efficiently. If I ever have a problem of not understanding how something works, I always get nothing but understanding and compassionate help from the staff. I hope to continue my relationship with iTech, they make the process of the constant changes and requirements of legacy file conversions a lot easier

Glen Zwart
President of a Colorado based Online Practice Management System vendor

I just want to say again I really appreciate iTech's support and quick responses. I have been in the industry for over 30 years and am very aware of new application deployment issues.

My experience has proven to me that the partnerships you create with a company like iTech is the most important ingredient to success. Perfect code is never something you can count on. It is the responsiveness of your vendors and partners and I can say iTech's is the best I have experienced. Thanks again for iTech's efforts and support. We have a clean system up and running now and I look forward to moving on to the next project with iTech

Lanny Menendez
President of a Florida based Billing Service Bureau

The level of service that iTech provided, I believe, is unsurpassed. In the years of doing business with National vendors, I have never had such a pleasant working relationship, as I have had with iTech Workshop...They have not only offered a solution to my original HIPAA issue, they have done it with the best Customer support I have seen in all my years. It truly has been a pleasure working with iTech and I look forward to continuing a working relationship with them

Sherry Nichols
Hospital Business Office, Bibb Medical Center

We have been using expEDIum Medical Billing since December 2015. The support team is very good to work with, prompt with fixing any issues. It's user friendly.

Hari Gandham
Director Business & Product Development, MD-Reports

We are very pleased with the smooth transition of ICD9 to ICD10 by our Practice Management solutions partner, iTech Workshop. Our clients were adopted to this change with a stress free transition

Patrick Yancey
CEO, Kansas Health Solutions, Inc.

We have very much appreciated working with iTech on this project. You all are very good at what you do and you have performed well for us and been quick to respond to our needs. We wish you the very best and if we are able to work with you again in the future, we would look forward to that.

President, DBS, Inc.

iTech has been great to work with on multiple levels. Aside from standard billing, we needed a new claims payment system for a small IPA we run. When we looked around at companies who provide that software we found they were all cost prohibitive and unwilling to get creative in their pricing for a small IPA.

We looked at dozens of companies and were getting frustrated until we came across iTech....We are transitioning off our IBM AS400 which has served us well for 19 years to iTech‘s cloud based expEDIum Claims Portal system and it is going extremely well. We are most pleased with iTech‘s willingness to be patient with us, to clearly understand our needs and then come up with the right solution. Something we could not find with US based companies. We are very pleased with our decision. We think we can scale with the technology and the customer service has been fantastic!

Clinical Supervisor and Project Manager
Ashe County Health Department, North Carolina

First of all, as a company, I like the customer service. If there's a problem with the system, then we can email the problem with the support ticket, and I usually have a response within an hour, sometimes less, but it's never more than an hour.

I also have my list of people that I can call if I need immediate assistance.

Richard Hicks
President of a North Carolina based Medical Billing Software Vendor

I have worked with iTech for a couple of years now, they are very dependable and knowledgeable in HIPAA related subjects. I have never worked with anyone before that provided this level of support. I will recommend iTech to anyone who wants its products.

Physician Assistant
Internal Medicine.

I like the ease of use of Patagonia system. Patagonia's support is the best in the industry. Really affordable. Billing can be seamless due to integration and easy use of ICD-9 coding and CPT coding

Michigan user group review
who use Patagonia’s EMR along with expEDIum PMS for billing.

(iTech EMR Partner) Patagonia Health is the gold standard; Patagonia Health has been phenomenal...Your trainers are so knowledgeable. We love your user groups, when is the next one? your billing system is so robust, the claims just auto-post.

Sherry Nichols
Hospital Business Office, Bibb Medical Center

We have been using expEDIum Medical Billing since December 2015. The support team is very good to work with, prompt with fixing any issues. It's user friendly.

Robert O. Mackler
Executive Vice President, Pacific Health Alliance.

We needed a claims software that would put our ICD-9 claims into an 837 HIPAA approved format which would allow us to send encounter claims to Anthem electronically.

We were using an older claims processing system in which limited claim data could be exported into csv file. We came in contact with iTech and evaluated their claims software. The iTech team was very responsive, flexible and ready go the extra mile to customize their csv claim map file to support our proprietary csv file format. Within a few weeks iTech supported our csv format and helped to create the complete 838P claims at very affordable cost. We have submitted thousands of claims to Anthem through expEDIum Solution with relative ease. The software is easy to use and very understandable. It checks for possible errors and inconsistencies which allows the operator to edit and correct those errors before the file is submitted to Anthem. If a claim is rejected by Anthem, the software picks it back up and alerts the operator so that he/she may investigate the error, correct it and resubmit it to Anthem. We have been very pleased with the software, the helpfulness of the team, and the overall results. We would highly recommend iTech to anyone looking for claims solutions.

Billijean S. Hobson
President, Max Revenue Corp.

It is with great and sincere pleasure that I write this statement of service and value on behalf of iTech and their excellent program expEDIum. Making the decision to go through a software conversion was not taken lightly. Change of this magnitude takes a lot of patience and hard work. We are very thankful that we went with iTech. They have been extremely patient in taking us through the conversion process; teaching staff in areas we were inexperienced; working closely with us to design the programming into a semblance of what we were accustomed. iTech‘s ability to transform an existing program into a custom format for specialty use is nothing short of amazing. MAXimize, Inc. is a nationally-based ambulance and EMS billing company. Because we cover so many states and so many different rules within each state it was difficult to locate a company that would work with us. Anyone can write a program specific to one state but not many can write a program that can handle every state we work in and their specific requirements. We look forward to expanding our partnership with iTech and continue the growth of the expEDIum program.

Carl Thomas
Customer Support Manager, Interface Support Manager, MD-Reports [a product of ISS].

We have been working with iTech since June of 2013, and it has been a pleasure working with iTech team. We have expanded our services from a specialty EMR to a complete solution for small and medium size practices. We have achieved a tight integration, with single sign-on from our EMR to expedium practice management….Over the last 2+ years, we have worked with them to seamlessly offer our product and services from single proprietor doctor’s offices, to small groups, and ambulatory surgery center, with multiple stake holders…Each challenge that we have brought to their attention has been thoroughly researched, and have collaborated on bringing thoughtful and comprehensive solutions to our clients, and end-users…Our latest project with iTech has been to streamline the mailing of statements to patients, and both patients and clients quickly embraced the solution developed. Our billing resources find its ease of use, and time saved in the handling of patient statements…I can whole-heartedly recommend working with the fine team at ITech workshop in providing seamless integration of billing / practice management into any existing product line

Ron Green
Owner, Net Healthclaim Services, California

We have been using iTech's expEDIum Claims Portal solution for over a year. Our clients tell us that they like the functionality better than our earlier legacy product. It is simple to use and easy to learn. We are a clearinghouse so our clients do not work directly with iTech. We have 2 people in our customer service department that handles level-1 calls from our clients. If there are (level-2 and level-3) issues with files not being accepted by payers then we send a report to iTech to troubleshoot. iTech staff is cheerful and easy to communicate with. Basically iTech has filled the role of our IT department

Wade L Treasure
President, Healthware Inc, Idaho

We have been a reseller of the expEDIum Electronic Claim Scrubber (eCS) for the past 9 months. We have enjoyed our business relationship with iTech. They have helped us with a solution to provide a simple, effective method to submit electronic claims in the HIPAA standard ANSI X12 format. We have found their application to be user friendly and the implementation went very well also. As we have resold this product, we greatly impressed with iTech‘s level of support and their “we can do that” attitude. I would strongly recommend both iTech and their expEDIum Electronic Claim Scrubber product.

Sonali Luniya
VP Customer Experience,Patagonia Health, North Carolina

eMB is a great addition to any medical practice setting. It is deployed in small medical practices, large behavioral health agencies and public health departments. It works very well in any setting and is easy to use. Customer service is excellent.The auto-posting feature saves lots of time and the billing person can now spend time working denials and collect more revenue

Billing Manager
Central Billing, North Carolina

Payment cycle turnaround is really amazing, because in the past you were lucky to get your payments back within three weeks to four weeks. Now it's one, no longer than two. Auto posting, you go in. You take your check number and verify the posting compared to the check. The money is in there, and I never touch anything else. Before you had to go into each patient individually. Now it's all there for you. Reports are a large thing for us. For tracking purposes of health directors, the nurse is keeping stats on the number of visits for Medicaid, cost analysis, and think. Patagonia's integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing reports are very easy to understand.....efficient, and they're very trustworthy. The system at Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing is a true aging system. You don't have to question that it didn't roll over, that it didn't do what it was supposed to do. The aging system is wonderful. Patient statements are wonderful. We have no patients calling to question what this means what that means we can print one statement, or we can print a batch of statements at the end of the month. They're great. They're very self explanatory as far as where the patient needs to mail the money

Billing Administrator
Surry County Health and Nutrition Center, North Carolina

We receive payment much faster with Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing. The billing is much easier. Everything is centralized and electronic. You get everything much easier. It's much easier to work with. User friendly. If we submit a claim on Monday, usually the turnaround is by the next Monday, at the latest, if not sooner. All the reports are very user friendly. They're very fast. Any data that you need is there. The aging report is great. It's great to work with. Great to work your denials, your claims. The cash posting report is what we use daily for our deposit, and that works great, too. The aging and AR report is great because it does your 0 to 120 days, so] you see where your claims are at. It's easier to work your denials. That keeps your money flowing. So it works great.

Health Director
Wilkes County Health Department, North Carolina

Before Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing, our clinic struggled particularly with billing. We did not have a robust system. We receive quite a few denials. Now that we have Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing, we are able to make sure that those corrections are made prior to submitting the send button. I'm not sure that that's correct terminology. Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing has a mechanism for checking those errors. That was a big thing for us because we have been able to receive payment in a timely fashion, and we don't have to spend a lot of staff time working on those denials and trying to decide what the issues are, what the problems are. Patagonia integrated with iTech's PMS + Medical billing is checking that. It is important for us to have a system that is flexible, and a system that is easy to use in the midst of all that complex data collection that we have to absorb and report back

Health Director
Health Director of a Local Health Department, North Carolina

We continue to plug along with our new Patagonia Health EHR and Practice Management at our District Clinic. Practice Management is going well. Insurance billing has really improved. Medicaid and Medicare are going smoothly as well. We are beginning to get reports out of the system now that we have data in the system to report. Patagonia and iTech continues to be responsive to suggested improvements and are keeping an ongoing list of our requests and where we are with those improvements.

EMR/PMS Project Manager
of a Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency, North Carolina

I also feel that Patagonia is competitive in regards to affordability... The billing tool does cut down on time spent submitting claims. The auto posting is immediate and eliminates much time spent manually posting claims. Claims are flagged for errors before they are sent out which also eliminates denials and time spent tracking and fixing items with in a claim. The different tools built into the billing module are extensive and extremely informative and helpful. The reporting feature gives you access to up-to-date information. We hope to use this reporting feature teach our managers how to better manage their staff and the services we provide by optimizing authorizations and enhancing client care

Billing Manager
of a Behavioral Health Agency, North Carolina

Patagonia is very user friendly, easy to use, and saves us lots of time... Patagonia provides the tools necessary to manage our client‘s charts from start to finish from scheduling all the way through the billing system. With this EMR we can easily access any client, know when they came for an appointment, who they saw and how much the insurance company has paid. It is perfect for our business!

Anwer Siddiqi
CEO, WEBeDoctor, CA Based EMR Product company

I have been working iTech since 2006, we have been extremely grateful for all their services that they have provided. They have provided WEBeDoctor all help and support developing software for Medical Billing using ANSI 4010 and 5010. iTech team has always very efficiently delivered all the required work on or before the scheduled time.

Thomas Kimball
Healthcare System Analyst, Boston, MA

With a looming ANSI 5010 deadline approaching and in need of a solution for my client, I reached out to iTech who had come through for me in the crunch before. They quickly mobilized and offered an affordable migration path for my customer even though they were on a very old platform. With their help I was able to upgrade and submit test files and get the necessary adjustments applied before the deadlines. As a result I have a very appreciative client and I could not have done it without the good work of iTech. Their professionalism and accessibility is always appreciated.

Ray Turner
Owner, Client Tracking and A/R Software, Washington State

Thank you for helping me last year and this year with converting NSF files.The state of Washington, DSHS, now requires us to submit batch claims directly to them. Their 837 claim companion guide has a number of exceptions and options selected to the 837 standard. So, I had to write a new 837 that is unique to DSHS. Since I was able to compare my output with the NSF conversion I was able to get it done. So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SOFTWARE AND SUPPORT. THE HELP I GOT WAS TREMENDOUS.HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL.

Kathy and Janine
Billers from South Florida

I would like to start off by saying at the beginning, when we first switched over to this new system, I was completely overwhelmed because of new way of entering claims into the system which was different from our earlier software, but now as the time has passed, it has become less time consuming and can get through a claim and through the system pretty quickly. Thanks to iTech's support calls on showing us how to do certain things. I do appreciate how efficiently and quickly iTech gets us the information that we request and I know it does take some time to have certain patches put in and worked on, but you guys do an efficient job. When we need something custom iTech personnel is there to give it, you are up on some of the things for the upcoming year for the software that the insurances are requiring (such as v5010 and ICD-10).

Administrator, Hospital Internists, South Florida

We are currently making use of expEDIum Medical Billing software from iTech. We are absolutely convinced that this particular software is the very best in the market for our requirements. The superb after sales service that is rendered by the company staff is second to none.The staff is knowledgeable about their products and is aware of HIPPA regulations in the USA. They are very easily accessible and ready to help.

London Smythe
Owner CSI-NorthWest, Oregon

I have been working with iTech for over 3 years now. I interviewed several companies both in the USA and abroad and iTech proved from our first conversation they were the vendor to work with. From the beginning they understood our mission as a clearinghouse and the need for a user friendly claims processing application. The level of support they offer is unsurpassed. I can reach them almost any time of the day or night and they always take care of any issue in an expedient timeframe. Try that with a national vendor...it will never happen. We have spent many long hours together working on our projects both over the phone and in person and they have been incredible to work with. There aren't enough adjectives to use to describe what wonderful people they are. I would recommend iTech without hesitation. You will not be disappointed.

Thomas Kimball
Independent Healthcare Consultant, Boston

As an independent consultant with a variety of Medical Practices and Billing Services as clients, I needed a low cost, high-quality solution for my customer's EDI needs. The large clearinghouses had priced themselves out, and yet I still had to be in compliance and remain competitive. I was fortunate to find iTech and have developed a strong business relationship with them spanning 4 years. They have consistently delivered what they promised in a friendly, timely fashion, and have always made themselves available to me on my terms, despite the time difference. I plan to turn to iTech in the future whenever another mandate gives me sleepless nights.

Laura Hudson
Executive Director, Texas Surgical Associates, Texas

We have been using iTech's NSF translator for almost a year now and have been thoroughly pleased. I was hesitant at first, not knowing how our installation and subsequent support would work across the ocean, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. Throughout the process, iTech team were extremely accommodating, quick to respond and consistently professional. Recently, we had a situation where our claims were transmitting as 1910 (after the new year). Not knowing what to do, I emailed iTech to see if they could help identify the problem. Turns out, it had to do with our old Medical Manager format, but iTech's support team was able to quickly help us identify where to look which enabled us to fix it on our end. I have been extremely pleased with our relationship and look forward to its future

Ed Edmondson
President, NTMB Inc, Texas

We looked at several translators. Most were complicated and the vendor provided little or no support. In my experience, it is the responsiveness of the vendors and partners that determine your success. We desired a translator that could be used both in a GUI mode or Command-line mode that could be operated by inexperienced personnel. I found an excellent translator that met our entire requirement and backed by a superb customer service oriented company. We have been working with iTech since May 2008 and have been operational translating NSF T0301 to ANSI 837P since July 2008. I initially had concerns about doing business with a company located outside the US. I have been in the industry since 1983 and am therefore acutely aware of application deployment issues. In all these years of doing business with National vendors, iTech provided the best customer support I have ever experienced. The level of service that iTech provided is unsurpassed. It is a pleasure to work with iTech and I look forward to moving on to the next project with them. They delivered what was promised...They helped me seamlessly integrate expEDIum T0301 Adapter with my existing practice management system (Medical Manager) to support NSF T0301 to ANSI 837 translation...We will continue our relationship with iTech because they make the process of the constant changes and requirements of legacy file conversions a lot easier...I strongly and without reservation recommend iTech.

Dr. D.Venkatanathan
Head of Operations, Ivory Software Services, India/USA

We have been using the claim scrubber software for the last 18 months. Not only the application is very user friendly which is very important to us, the implementation of the application was well co-coordinated and smooth. More importantly the iTech team was the most rewarding happy experience for all including myself. They never put any pressure or any "can‘t do this" attitude, something we had feared with many other top solution providers. They worked closely and as our own people. Over all we are extremely happy with software, implementation and it‘s over all success. We have time to time got the application modified as per our own requirement and at the same time, iTech is also constantly upgrading software and releasing new versions. The performance of the software and the service rendered by the company is very much satisfactory. We wish iTech team all success for all their future plans.

Edgar Godbey
Owner of an Alabama based Physical Therapy Clinic

When I got paid for the claims that I sent through your software I was glad that I went for your product, you are not cheap but you have delivered what you promised....helped me seamlessly integrate expEDIum Adapter with my existing practice management system. Also, a major upgrade like supporting NPI on my existing installation of the expEDIum Adapter was handled very well by you.

Gary Griffith
President of a Minnesota based Dental Clearinghouse

iTech Workshop has delivered an unsurpassed level of quality and customer Support for our Dental Clearinghouse services. iTech is taking us to the next level. We are able to process our transactions to our trading partners real-time. iTech has been able to give our customers a lot more functionality then we ever thought we could do!

Gopal N. Krishnan Vice President
Engineering & Products at Webify Solutions, Inc.Note: IBM acquired Webify in August 2006

We evaluated several companies' claims file format transformers before selecting iTech Workshop as a technology partner to source the transformers. Our initial concerns regarding quality, distance and responsiveness quickly disappeared as they met our expectations with quality and timeliness. We have integrated their transformers with our Healthcare Collaboration Management Suite and implemented the solution at our customers. We have been working with iTech for nearly 2 years and they continue to meet and exceed our expectations. We are very delighted by professionalism shown by the iTech engineers and the management

India based BPO client

expEDIum won hands down on counts of ROI, ease of use, configurability over and above the basic requirements of delivery and quality... we were pleased to note the high level of technical support that was available within the same time zone.