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About Us

iTech was established in 1998 based on Shanti Sivakumar & Siva Narayanaswamy's idea. Siva has worked in small product companies in Bangalore, India, and the NY/NJ, United States, since the late 1980s. Shanti had worked in Unix Systems Labs and Bell Labs in NJ, USA, in the 1990s. They wanted to combine their IT expertise and create a small product company in Bangalore, India. After meandering in a few different verticals, as part of expEDIum's 1st generation offering in the healthcare vertical, they built a high-performing in-memory HIPAA EDI Engine along with a handful of HIPAA transformation adapters and positioned them as HIPAA accelerator.

Terence B George joined iTech in the early 2000s, just fresh out of college. Shanti left iTech a few years after Terence joined and joined Lucent Technologies as a Director. Shanti continues to be on the expEDIum board of directors, providing strategic advice.

After having a few angel investors such as Srini Srinivas , Ramesh Shastri and Mysore R Prabhakar invest in expEDIum's early growth, Marketing & Sales advice from Dilip K Bharatee and along with a few USA based partners, we reached the current level of over 300 clinics and 2000+ providers using our suite of products.

We have introduced agile and scrum processes for several months, with a few certified scrum masters streamlining and time-boxing our activities. We have a flexible working environment with a few different shifts. We serve lunch and dinner daily at our cafeteria on the 4th floor. We provide a day off on respective birthdays and a birthday coupon, among other leaves such as SL, CL, and PL, employee wedding days off, bereavement week off, and employee sabbaticals. We also have a judicious mix of Work-from-home (WFH) with work-from-office policy in place. Our insurance package bundled in the employment package includes health, life, and disability insurance.

On the engineering side, we have a fantastic development team with several developers and quality assurance personnel that have delivered the last 34 software upgrades over a few years, adding an additional 660K lines of code across multiple products, with an average defect rate of 3.45 per KLOC. We also have introduced an expEDIum Automation Test Framework (eATF) to automate various suites of test cases that would make our QA process more robust.

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Board Of Directors

Sivakumar Narayanaswamy

Siva Narayanaswamy
Founder, CEO

Siva’s extensive IT career includes a stint at Sonata Software (IN), Imnet Corporation (NJ), America Systems Inc (NJ) and Sigma Imaging / Wang Imaging / Eastman Software (NY). Siva has worked with multiple teams in creating all 5 generations of products at expEDIum over a decade now and has managed to run a tight ship at expEDIum.

Siva has a B.Sc. in Physics from Chennai Christian College, B.E. (CSE) from Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore and M.S. (CS) from Steven Institute of Technology (NJ).

Terence George

Terence B George
VP, Development, Co-founder, Director

Terence is a co-founder at expEDIum. Terence has articulated and architected multiple generation of expEDIum Products over a decade now at expEDIum.

Terence has a M. Sc. in Physics from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, and Master of Computer Applications from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

Mysore Prabhakar

Mysore R Prabhakar
Angel Investor, Director

Prabhakar’s IT career includes a stint at Infosys, Robert Bosch, Sonata Software, IBM Global, Accenture and HolidayIQ as a co-founder.

Mysore Prabhakar has a B.E. from University Visveswaraya College of Engineering.

Shanti Sivakumar

Shanti Sivakumar
Co-founder, Director

Shanti’s extensive IT career includes a stint at Unix System Labs (NJ), Lucent Technologies (NJ) and at Alcatel-Lucent (IN). Shanti had steered some of the early generation products at expEDIum.

Shanti has a B.Sc in Physics from Women’s Christian College at Chennai and B.E. (CSE) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.