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expEDIum secure and Web-based expEDIum Ambulance/EMS Billing Software is designed to eliminate EMS billing errors and get the claims paid faster. Every claim gets into the system, which is validated for errors using several customizable rules and passes only clean claims to Payers or Clearinghouses. This service is flexible, comprehensive, easy to use, automates the complete billing workflow, and provides excellent support that helps to save a tremendous amount of time and cost.

Hence, it provides good value and a perfect solution to ambulance/EMS agencies and EMS billing service companies. This cloud-based solution is ICD-10-ready and available as a monthly subscription.

The expEDIum Ambulance Billing Software can manage the database of the Healthcare or Medical facilities that Ambulance Agencies use. This software provides more flexibility and less time in getting accurate data by allowing users to choose the sources and destination of the transport at the claims level and service line level from a particular screen. The solution also handles contracted payers/facilities billing efficiently.

This Solution has several inbuilt reports, including Ambulance/EMS billing-specific reports. Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) reports are generated based on ambulance-specific procedure codes, and the solution can determine whether a code is ALS, BLS, or Both. The report shows service lines of posted claims, which have these ambulance- specific procedure codes, their payment amount and percentage of the payment, etc. This Solution allows the reports to be exported to Excel or PDF formats. Over 60 in-built reports are available, in addition to several customizable dashboards.

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