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Influenced by clinicians, expEDIum Office EHR is a user-friendly, secure, cloud-based, configurable, HIPAA-compliant solution. With over a decade of experience in the PMS and RCM field, we at expEDIum decided to expand our expEDIum Suite of Products in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) space, offering specialty-agnostic features. Though it is being built as specialty-agnostic, we are positioning the first version of the product towards Gastroenterologists (GI).

expEDIum Office EHR is designed as a "headless EHR" but shall be delivered with off-the-shelf UI. The product shall be secure, cross-browser compatible, and support major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a larger practice, keep ahead of industry changes by streamlining your clinical workflow, managing patient records, and elevating patient care with our intuitive EHR platform. To view this product's early prototype, tap on the View Prototype option below.

Here is how expEDIum Office EHR can empower your practice:

Effortless Practice Management

Seamlessly handles patient records, appointments, patient visits, and prescriptions (eRx), ensuring smooth operations and clinical and billing workflow efficiency.

  • Streamline patient visit documentation and medical history records precisely and efficiently, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Handle appointments, minimize scheduling conflicts, and ensure the smooth operation of your practice.
  • Simplify medication prescriptions to enhance accuracy, enabling better patient care and safety.

Streamlined organization

Keep tasks, documents, and templates in one place for efficient practice management and enhanced organization.

  • Keep everything organized in one place, making it easy to manage orders, results, unsigned documents, and more, ensuring your practice runs smoothly.
  • Effortlessly handle internal and external documents at every treatment stage, from template-based records to scanned Patient ID Cards, simplifying your practice's organization.
  • Customize templates to suit your practice's needs with adaptable templates.

Seamless Communication

Secure messaging and interoperability with healthcare partners, promoting coordinated care for improved patient outcomes.

  • Promote seamless communication within your practice. The product features an integrated messaging system, facilitating secure messaging and team collaboration.
  • Ensure seamless communication with healthcare partners by adhering to industry standards like HL7, FHIR & Restful API, promoting coordinated care for improved patient outcomes.

Maximize Revenue

Seamlessly integrated expEDIum Medical Billing to help your practice maximize earnings, reduce billing errors, and ensure financial success while delivering top- notch patient care.

Support and Training

Our support is available to assist you whenever you need it, ensuring you receive dedicated support and training options, including onboarding assistance, for your success in managing your healthcare practice.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy:
  • HIPAA Compliance: We adhere rigorously to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards, ensuring that your practice remains fully compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Secure Cloud Environment: Your patients' sensitive information is stored in a highly safe cloud environment, fortified against unauthorized access attempts.

UI / UX – User Experience

expEDIum Office EHR product focuses on user interface and experience using state-of-the- art technologies and frameworks. This, in turn, delivers a user-centric, responsive design that promises ease of use and a boost in productivity. Here is a glimpse of our product prototype.

Technology Stack

expEDIum Office EHR uses the latest technologies such as ReactJS, Redis Cache, Spring Boot, JDK17, WildFly 27 & PostGreSQL 15 as the DBMS. The following diagram shows a bird’s eye view of the product architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a secure, cloud-based solution.

We own all the necessary functionalities that an Electronic Health Record (EHR) should encompass, but we are not Meaningful Use (MU) certified yet in v1.0.

We provide Patient Demographics and Patient Appointments data migration. However, additional data migration, such as Patient Notes/Charts, would need further review.

For further information, reach out to one of our experienced team members.

We would be happy to help!