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expEDIum has introduced a "Seamless Claim Status Inquiry" feature in its expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) product to make seamless inquiries from the original claims submitted through eMB. It is seamless in that the inquiries can be driven from the aging claims, originally sent from eMB on a few button clicks, perform the inquiries, and all the responses are received in real-time, reconciled with the original claims, and results presented in a readable fashion.

Note that the inquiries can be performed one at a time or in “bulk” for a given set of claims for a given payer or a given set of aging claims across multiple payers. Clinics can take further appropriate action after reviewing the claim status responses. We currently use Exchange EDI® as our preferred clearinghouse for performing claim status inquiries.

We also use Exchange EDI® as our preferred clearinghouse for Insurance Eligibility Verification. For a biller to handle aged/denied claims, they must first know the current Status of the claims. Calling the Payers regarding the claim payment can be time-consuming and costly for the clinics. So, eMB’s Seamless Claim Status Inquiry (CSI) makes the process easier & less expensive. Please note using this feature would incur transactional charges on inquiries performed.

Clinics would see a screen to enter the patient's credit card details. Once the data is entered and the "Pay" button is pressed, the data is securely passed on to InstaMed®. In a handful of seconds, a confirmation screen appears, as shown below. Once the transaction/payment is complete, the clinics can print a receipt using the print icon on the confirmation screen. A payment transaction will be automatically added to the Patient Ledger, and the patient balance will be reconciled automatically. However, there is an option to save credit card information as part of patient demographics and use it on a need basis to make payment transactions. Please note that no sensitive credit card information is stored in eMB or expEDIum Pay but is saved only with InstaMed®. InstaMed is a PCI Level One v3.0+ Service Provider and is PCI- Validated for P2PE v2.0 to offer healthcare organizations the highest level of security for stored and processed payment card data.

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