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expEDIum InstaPay is a secure & simplified patient payment portal to make online bill payments within a handful of seconds.

Patients can navigate our secure payment portal at https://instapay.expedium.net and type in their Customer ID from the expEDIum patient statement. From this portal, they can securely enter their credit card details along with the amount to be charged and complete the online transaction. They can generate an online receipt, too.

Accessibility: Payments can be made securely through smartphones, tablets, or computers at any time and from anywhere.

User-Centric Design: Our user-centric design emphasizes simplicity and your experience, making bill payment easier and more convenient without having to call the clinics.

Yes, expEDIum InstaPay is compliant with relevant regulations, and our expEDIum Pay module that interacts with the Payment gateway is PCI-DSS certified. We've partnered with InstaMed, a JP Morgan company recognized as a PCI Level One v3.0+ Service Provider. This ensures healthcare organizations receive top-tier security for processing payment card information.

If you are a clinic using the expEDIum Medical Billing product and would like to get started with expEDIum InstaPay, please reach out to us at sales@expedium.net.

Through expEDIum InstaPay, you can process both credit and debit card payments.

Yes, there is a monthly fee per clinic and per transaction fee as well. And any standard credit card payment fee shall apply as well. For more information, please contact us at sales@itechws.com.