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expEDIum works with Partners to deliver an expEDIum suite of products either as a standalone product or as an integrated solution with other healthcare products such as EMRs & and HIS/HMS. By partnering with expEDIum, you can offer your clients a rapid, cost-effective healthcare solution built using our expEDIum Suite of products and Components. We have a variety of collateral and support mechanisms for our partners that help them sell and service our products more effectively in their respective local markets. We also provide early leads and perform e-mail campaigns based on the nature of the partnership.

We engage with our partners in different models with different mixes of value added from expEDIum and the Partner. E-mail us at if you would like to partner with us.

Marketing Partner
A marketing partner represents expEDIum to seek new clients in the healthcare domain. Our team supports the partners by providing training and marketing material.
Consulting Partner
A consulting partner is a healthcare domain expert with hands-on experience on several relevant healthcare products. The consulting partner helps us find potential clients and gets involved during the proposed solution's requirements, implementation stages, and training. 
Value Added Reseller
Value Added Reseller is in the healthcare marketplace selling one or more healthcare solutions and products as a System Integrator can work with expEDIum in adding expEDIum Suite of products to their portfolio. 
Billing Service Partner
A billing service partner is providing medical billing services and is looking for additional billers who can outsource billing work on expEDIum as part of their growth
Referral Partner
A referral Partner is prepared to establish a strategic alliance between two healthcare companies collaborating to create value for their clientele. With their referrals, our new partner would broaden expEDIum's reach to explore untapped markets. 
Patagonia Health is a provider of an integrated EMR and PM solution for Public Health, Behavioral Health, Federally Qualified Health Clinics, and small physician practices. The 'Apps" based EMR product easily adapts to fit each user’s workflow. Patagonia Health Solutions provides an integrated EMR + PM + billing and Clearinghouse all for one simple low monthly subscription fee.
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expEDIum has partnered with Exchange EDI, which Phicure® acquired in May 2022, to provide seamless Eligibility verifications. expEDIum Medical Billing has a built-in module for batch and real-time eligibility verifications. Exchange EDI offers Clearinghouse services, Direct quotes, and e-Cashiering products.
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expEDIum has partnered with InstaMed to deliver a seamless end-to-end healthcare payment experience directly in expEDIum solutions. InstaMed is healthcare’s most trusted payments network, connecting providers, payers, and consumers on one platform. InstaMed’s full suite of payment and clearinghouse solutions, including Patient Payments, Real-Time Eligibility, and Patient Billing, enable providers to collect more money from patients and payers while reducing the cost and time to order.
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expEDIum uses Office Ally as the preferred clearinghouse, wherein all expEDIum installations submit about a million claims annually and receive insurance companies' remittance advice.
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expEDIum uses Inovalon as the preferred clearinghouse, wherein some expEDIum installations submit tens of thousands of claims and receive remittance advice from insurance companies.
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Practices and Billers can save time and money by eliminating paper handling in-house. According to industry reports, practices must shift from insurance payments to patient payments, as patient responsibility is expected to increase to 30% of the total practice revenues. BillFlash supports expEDIum’s Patient Statement formats, and expEDIum’s clients can set up an account with BillFlash to upload and manage patient statements.
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Medical Billing Services Partner Logo
As a billing partner of expEDIum, Medical Billing Services (MBS) has leveraged expEDIum's billing software and services over the years, demonstrating a commitment to efficient and accurate healthcare billing. The collaboration strengthens expEDIum's ability to provide comprehensive solutions to the healthcare community.
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In its role as a reseller of expEDIum PMS and expEDIum RCM Services, EllipseIntel Solutions, INC®, offers providers all the necessary health data and information about the patient at the point of care. Their main goal is to build and offer a suite of PPSconnect solutions, allowing patients, providers, and staff to connect.
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Audio Webinars, a leading online training platform dedicated to providing affordable and up-to-date information, knowledge, and industry updates to professionals across various sectors, will serve as our reseller partner for our expEDIum Suite of Products and RCM Services, helping us reach a broader audience and further our mission of empowering professionals with cutting-edge solutions. Their commitment to affordability and timeliness aligns perfectly with our vision, making them an invaluable partner in our journey.
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