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expEDIum Announces Successful Partnership with Medical Billing Service & Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc.

Expanding its footprint in the healthcare industry, expEDIum is excited to announce the successful collaboration with Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. The partnership, initiated in October 2022, has flourished into a dynamic relationship, with Ms. Balwinder Bains, owner of the Medical Billing Service from Fresno, California, leading the charge in seeking innovative solutions to transform their medical billing processes.

Facing the challenge of transitioning from a fragmented, legacy system to a more efficient, easily trainable, and scalable solution, Ms. Irene & Balwinder turned to expEDIum for their expertise. After an extensive period of calls and demonstrations, expEDIum gained a deep understanding of their unique needs, identifying a shift in their requirements towards a secure, standards-based, cloud-based system with enhanced features and billing capabilities. The goal was to optimize the total cost of ownership while scaling up operations to handle more patients and process claims efficiently, thereby accelerating revenue generation.

After a meticulous evaluation process, Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. chose the expEDIum Medical Billing software, making an informed decision only after taking advantage of our 60-day free trial feature.

Since then, our valued client has achieved remarkable results, efficiently processing over 150K claims and over 0.5M HIPAA transactions through eMB in just a year. The total value of the processed claims exceeded $36M, leading to successful reimbursements of over $9M.

“We have been utilizing expEDlum for our medical billing needs, and the impact on our business has been nothing short of revolutionary. This cutting-edge software has streamlined our processes, significantly increasing the efficiency of our claim submissions. As a result, we've been able to process a higher volume of claims, ultimately expanding our capacity to serve more clients. The user-friendly interface and robust features have truly elevated our operational capabilities, making expEDlum an indispensable asset to our medical billing company”, stated Ms. Balwinder K Bains, General Manager | Credentialing Coordinator, Medical Billing Services.

Over the past year and a half, expEDIum has tailored solutions to accommodate the specific needs of each provider. This includes support for 30 billing providers, 70+ rendering providers, 500+ facilities, 725+ referring providers, and 15 ambulance facilities. Currently, about 30 active billers/users across different geographies have processed more than 150K claims, with a significant focus on Medicare of Northern California, Medi-CAL, and Blue Cross of California, though claims are being sent to over 600 payers, out of which 98% electronically with the remaining 2% on Paper.

The success story of this partnership has been captured in a detailed case study, highlighting the transformative impact of expEDIum's solutions on the biller's operations and revenue generation.

Ms. Komal Pradhan, Senior Executive, Business Development from expEDIum, mentioned that "our top priority has always been the satisfaction of our valued clients, and we are delighted to have consistently delivered on this commitment over several months. We are looking forward to ensuring a continuous and prosperous partnership."

As we celebrate these accomplishments, expEDIum looks forward to fostering a continued and thriving relationship with Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. The success of this collaboration underscores expEDIum's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, scalability, and financial success for healthcare providers & billers.

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About Medical Billing Services:

Established in 1999, Medical Billing Services stands as a seasoned leader in the medical billing industry. With over two decades of expertise, we have perfected the art of processing thousands of medical billing claims daily. Our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology has allowed us to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare billing seamlessly. As pioneers in the field, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service, ensuring that healthcare providers can focus on patient care while we handle the intricacies of billing with precision and expertise. Trust Medical Billing Services for a reliable partner in navigating the ever-evolving world of medical billing.

About expEDIum:

expEDIum is a leading provider of innovative and secure healthcare solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products designed to streamline medical billing processes and enhance revenue generation for healthcare providers. Our comprehensive suite of products is complemented by a 60-day free trial of our billing software, supported by top-notch customer service.

Ms Komal Pradhan, Senior Executive - Business Development


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