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Yes, expEDIum Medical Billing is a Secure, Cloud-based software.

Our company adheres to HIPAA regulations and ensures compliance. We establish a business associate agreement with our clients, partners, and vendors.

We support all the specialties except for dental. We also support CMS-1500, UB04 forms, and related inpatient and outpatient claims. We have specific features catering to Ambulance/EMS agencies and Public Health Clinics.

We use Office Ally as our preferred Clearinghouse.

Yes, we do support IEV and CSI. We use Phicure® (TransUnion) as our Clearinghouse for IEV and CSI.

We use Bill Flash® to send patient statements.

Yes, we offer assistance for patient online payments through our connectivity to InstaMed® (A JP Morgan Company). Additionally, we have a concise video covering this topic -

Yes, we provide 60 days free trial.

You can begin utilizing the expEDIum Solution immediately after creating an account. For instance, if payers do not require claim enrolment, we can start claim submissions on the very same day.

Our software is designed to facilitate the import of standard patient demographics into the system. The software is compatible with CSV, XML, and HL/7 file formats. We can import Patient Appointments data, too, as part of this Data Migration. To ensure a smooth data migration into eMB, we request further details and a comprehensive understanding of the data you wish to migrate. Please note that a nominal fee for non-standard data migration will be applicable based on our findings.

To know more about the pricing details, email us at

Yes, we can integrate with other healthcare applications through the APIs available.