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Yes, it is a secure, cloud-based solution.

We own all the necessary functionalities that an Electronic Health Record (EHR) should encompass, but we are not Meaningful Use (MU) certified yet in v1.0.

We provide Patient Demographics and Patient Appointments data migration. However, additional data migration, such as Patient Notes/Charts, would need further review.

Yes, as a secure Cloud-based solution, we have a variety of fault tolerance mechanisms and online data backups are part of that.

Yes, we are planning to provide an upgrade every quarter.

While our platform would eventually support multiple specialties through customizable templates, our initial product, v1.0, shall be tailored to handle the workflow of the office visits of Gastroenterologists/ASCs.

Yes, our product can configure office visit workflows that suit different providers.

Yes, our product supports interfacing with pharmacies (through NewCrop®) and laboratories such as Labcorp® & Quest® Diagnostics.

Yes, our product is seamlessly integrated with our secure, HIPAA-compliant PMS/RCM product, expEDIum Medical Billing. We are open to integrating with other popular PMS/RCM products.

The expEDIum Office EHR is cloud-based and uses Internet technologies and is cross-browser compatible. It supports all the major Internet Browsers, such as MS Edge, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

We shall have a handful of Training videos as self-help along with Knowledgebase articles. We shall provide online training for each clinic as part of onboarding clinics.